Blizzardboy | A Kiwi in Japan



What is blizzardboy?

The blizzardboy website has been kicking around since 2000 when it was initially launched to gain sponsorship for a friend’s plan to cross Greenland using a kite and a sled.

This site then went into a hiatus until early 2005 when I relaunched the site as blogs for my partner Chooch and myself. Chooch mostly posts on facebook & mixi now.

The software we use for the blizzardboy blog is called WordPress. WordPress is open source software developed by a group of volunteers around the world. WordPress is great because it is open source, and it is ideal for people who want a convenient and easy to maintain website or homepage.

Who are we?

Who are we? I am a New Zealander, in my early 30′s, married and living bang smack in the middle of Tokyo late 30′s, married and living bang smack in the middle of Sydney’s little Italy – Leichhardt.

I work in IT in Sydney. The views on this blog do not represent those of my employers – past, present or future.

I have lived in Christchurch and Wellington in New Zealand, Akita, Osaka, Ibaraki and Tokyo in Japan, as well as Korla, Xinjiang to the west of China.

I love travelling and so far have been to a few countries, including Guatemala, Costa Rica, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Estonia, Finland, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Germany, the USA (for one night), Bosnia, Serbia, Turkey and Vanuatu.