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Japan Election Results

The dust has almost settled on another election victory for one of Japan’s leading political parties. Gaining a few percentage points over the previous election results, a party spokesperson said that this result vindicated their recent middle of the road approach to the various economic and foreign relation problems being faced by the east Asian archipelago.

The Prime Minister, keen to extend his short reign of power, appeared before reporters at the official residence in Tamieke-sanno dressed in an elegantly cut dark suit with a crisp white shirt and a confidently understated tie. He calmly answered a number of questions on various topics. When asked about what his government intended to do about Japan’s current economic malaise, he stated, “We will continue to develop measures to remedy that issue.” On the ongoing issue of Japanese – American relations, he was quoted as saying, “America remains Japan’s most important ally and we look forward to continuing and developing that relationship.”

No news has as yet been forthcoming regarding a possible cabinet reshuffle, however there has been some speculation that some senior members of the previous cabinet will have their portfolio’s reshuffled to make way for new blood from the back benches.

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