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Music for Coding

Reading the Coding Horror post Music to (Not) Code By, got me thinking about what I listen to when I code. I have pretty varied music tastes, but there is a lot of music that I listen to outside of work that isn’t really conducive to good coding.

Here is my top list:

1. Salmonella Dub, The Black Seeds, Kora etc
Good New Zealand dub. Nice and mellow with a sense of humour.
2. Peter Pik
Australian jazz guitarist. See him playing sometimes on the streets of Sydney.
3. Jose
Another Australian Jazz guitarist. He also plays on the streets of Sydney. I don’t go to music stores anymore, so buying CD’s on the street is a good retro way for me to get new music.
4. The album Ishi Kubari
Okinawan folk songs. I like to float along to this.
5. Koh Tao – On
Chilled ambient music.

That is what I am currently listening to while coding. I have tried lots of different music, but have found anything classical beyond the early modern composers too discordant to code to. And coding to Mandalavandalz or Texas Faggot is fun, but I always get distracted.

I think listening to music while coding is important, especially if you work in a busy office as it helps one to concentrate. Listening to music always helps me in reducing the stress and in creating fresh thoughts and ideas while coding for service. It is the best method to reduce the stress.

What do you like to listen to at work?

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