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Things to do next time in Japan

Funny living in a country like Japan for so long – over 10 years and 6 of those in Tokyo – that there are still so many things there that I never experienced. Most of the things on my list are things I feel I should have done, rather than really wanting to do them. Kind of like living in China for 9 months and not visiting the Forbidden Palace or seeing the Great Wall!

Here is my short list:


Yakatabune are (were) fishing boats (pleasure boats) that one can rent out, or buy seats on to enjoy dinner or fireworks in places like Tokyo Bay. I always wanted to go out on one, sitting on the tatami and enjoying the fireworks. Expensive though and you need a minimum (depends on the company) of 4 people, and to book in advance. Famous since the Edo period, yakatabune would be perfect for a summers evening.

National Gallery
National Museum
Galleries and museums are funny things. I quite like installation art like the exhibitions that used to be shown at the Physics Room in Christchurch. That and looking through drawers of butterflies. There are many ways to write history – museums and galleries being a big part of that.

Tokyo Stock Exchange
Tokyo Stock Exchange has free tours. I went to the free museum at the Bank of Japan and that was fascinating.

Ghibli Museum
Feel like I should have gone, though I am not much of a fan of anime. Have enjoyed a couple of Miyazaki’s works though.

Japanese Diet
Ah, Japanese politics…


The only baseball game I have ever been to was Futatsui Junior High vs. Hatchimori Junior High (iirc). Seeing a professional game would be fun – J League Soccer sure was.

Visit Kamakura
Visit Nikko
Visit Hakone
There always seemed to be less trodden places to visit.

Climb Mt Fuji
Not sure if I really want to do that:) but I visited close by often enough.

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